Oslo, February 8, 2024: Ahead of the opening matches of Patrick Mouratoglou’s UTS 2024 season, which ZENITH proudly continues its role as Official Timekeeper, ZENITH unveils the lightest iteration of its award-winning 1/10th of a second with the Chronomaster Sport Titanium – along with a new range of integrated rubber straps.

The UTS is back for another exciting season, and ZENITH is ready to join the action once again as a sponsor and official timekeeper of Patrick Mouratoglou’s quite literally game-changing tennis league. UTS is the brainchild of celebrated French tennis coach, entrepreneur and ZENITH friend of the brand Patrick Mouratoglou. As someone who has dedicated his life to the sport, Mouratoglou set out with the mission to bring tennis to a younger and wider audience, while also encouraging players to express themselves on the court in a more natural way than what traditional tennis tours usually allow. With a shorter and more intense format, consisting of matches played over 4 quarters of 8 minutes, the emphasis is on entertainment.

The Official Timekeeper of UTS since its first edition in 2020, ZENITH looks forward to continuing lending its support to the groundbreaking and youthful tennis championship, which has seen its fandom grow tremendously across the world since its first season. Now, the spectacular showdown of established and rising tennis stars is opening the 2024 season with the first tournament in Oslo. It sets the stage for the unveiling of ZENITH’s latest sporty chronograph, built to take on those adrenaline-filled moments where every move can be a decisive one. Enter the Chronomaster Sport Titanium and the line’s new range of integrated rubber straps.

On the partnership, Patrick Mouratoglou shared: “As we start the 2024 UTS season, I am proud to work with ZENITH, our official timekeeper. In the UTS league, time is always in players’ minds because it is at the center of the concept. Every match ends when time runs out, the match is time centered. This completely changes the way we play tennis! The Chronomaster Sport Titanium is more than a watch for us. It’s a symbol of how important time is in UTS. For me, our partnership with ZENITH is not just about keeping time; it’s about making every tennis moment count.”

Elevating the sense of performance as well as endurance, titanium boasts many advantages over traditional alloys used in watchmaking. It is significantly lighter than steel, a property appreciated in sports to keep motion and balance unhindered. It has one of the highest strength-to-density ratios of all metallic elements, ensuring robustness. It’s also very resistant to corrosion – a welcome feature when working up a sweat. It’s also paramagnetic, which means precision is given an added layer of protection from external magnetic fields. With such a unique combination of properties, it’s no wonder that titanium is used in some of the most high-tech and demanding fields.

To highlight the sleek grey tones of grade 5 titanium, the Chronomaster Sport Titanium’s 41mm case is given a predominantly satin-brushed finish – including the crown and pump-style pushers. The bezel, also crafted in titanium and engraved with a 1/10th of a second scale, features a sunburst satin-brushed decoration that truly sets it apart from all other Chronomaster Sport references. The case and bracelet’s chamfers as well as the rim of the bezel and the case back are polished, which is only possible when working with higher grades of titanium. Keeping with the case’s muted chromatics, the Chronomaster Sport Titanium’s dial reinterprets ZENITH’s signature tricolour design in shades of grey. The sunray-patterned dial is done in a galvanic nickel-grey colour, features chronograph counters in three different tones of anthracite, grey and silver. The three-link bracelet is also with an adjustable clasp is also made in vertically satin-brushed titanium. A tangible difference can immediately be felt when wearing the Chronomaster Sport Titanium, which weighs 30% less than its steel equivalent.

And for those seeking an even sportier look and feel, ZENITH is debuting a new line of straps it has developed for the Chronomaster Sport line as an alternative reference to the metal bracelets and also available to purchase separately. Crafted from durable and supple FKM rubber, which is considered the gold standard of rubber for its ability to withstand extreme heat and its resistance to aggressive chemicals, the straps are designed to be perfectly integrated with the case. Available in black, blue, green and white, the straps are delivered with folding clasps.

The latest in a long line of ZENITH chronographs that have raised the bars of performance and precision, the Chronomaster Sport Titanium is equipped with the latest version of the El Primero calibre, dubbed the El Primero 3600. With its high frequency of 5 Hz (36’000 VpH), the movement offers a true 1/10th of second indication. Its autonomy has also been rendered more efficient, with an extended power reserve of 60 hours. The sapphire display back provides an unobstructed view of the movement’s contemporary, architecture features a sleeker and more open design, revealing a blue column wheel and open rotor marked with the five-pointed star Zenith.

The Chronomaster Sport Titanium is available from ZENITH boutiques as well as authorised retailers worldwide.