Master of Chronographs” is a new 360-degrees platform that has been developed to share the Manufacture’s unique know-how through its history, collections, movements and its mastery of the high-frequency chronographs. Above all, it aims to bring the art and science of chronographs and Zenith’s role at the vanguard of its evolution to a wider audience. “Master of Chronographs Since 1865” combines educational activities, experiences and interactions – both physical and digital – that speak to avid watch-lovers as well as newcomers to watchmaking and invites them to dive into the world of chronographs in an open and easily approachable manner.

On this year’s Master of Chronographs theme, Julien Tornare shared “For ZENITH, Master of Chronographs is not just a claim, but an aspiration. It’s a mission and a commitment. It’s something that we have cultivated and, I would say, rightfully earned over many years. We’ve contributed so much to the advancement of the modern chronograph, that we feel a certain responsibility to continue leading its evolution, but also to share our know-how with the world and allow people to appreciate the chronograph in a new way. We’ve worked for some time now on immersive and interactive ways to highlight the chronograph, and “Master of Chronographs Since 1865” is the perfect platform to link all these initiatives. This is a new gateway for people to learn about the chronograph and how ZENITH has mastered it and elevated it to new heights”.

Regarding the new Chronomaster models announced at Watches & Wonders, Tornare added “After the incredible reception of the Chronomaster Sport and its unequalled 1/10th of a second chronograph, we’re thrilled to expand the line this year with rose gold versions, and also to bring back a modern Zenith icon from the last twenty years: the Chronomaster Open”.

It is within this context of openness and transmission of passion and know-how that ZENITH unveiled the appropriately revealing Chronomaster Open collection that has been totally revamped, as well as new versions of the award-winning Chronomaster Sport.

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