Since the earliest days of the DEFY collection, Zenith has sought to make its mark with sturdy and singularly designed timekeepers that would accompany their wearers throughout whatever life journey they chose to embark on. The story began in 1902 with the original “DEFI” line of rugged and precise pocket-watches, which later inspired Zenith to keep the same audacious spirit alive in a line of wristwatches in 1969 named DEFY. It exuded an affirmed and resolutely modern aesthetic that complemented its hardy construction and reliable performance , earning it the nickname of coffre-fort, French for vault of safe. Today, in an ever-fast-moving world where every fraction of a second can be a decisive one, the latest creation in the DEFY line is up to the pace with a sleek and evocative design paired with an unprecedented function.

Recalling the seemingly still night sky above a bustling city that never sleeps, the DEFY Skyline is dedicated to those who follow their light and forge their own path on their journey towards their star. At once geometrically structured and whimsically celestial, the star-studded dial with a sunburst finish is embellished with a perfectly aligned pattern consisting of engraved four-pointed stars, which are in fact a modern reimagining of the Zenith “double Z” logo of the 1960s. A central element in Zenith’s story that can be traced back to the very beginning, the night sky was a major source of inspiration for the Manufacture’s visionary founder Georges-Favre Jacot, who fulfilled his dream of creating the most precise watch of the time and decided to name his manufacture after the highest point in the night sky. The unique alchemy of coloured metallic dials and the shimmery spectacle of light from the engraved motif adds a subtle but distinctive layer of depth and intrigue and transports the wearer to experience a different notion of time.

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